Cautionary Steps For Kratom Dosage: Our Review

Both the newbie and the experienced Kratom user should bear in mind the right dosage. For good and viable results, you need to keenly observe the correct amount of Kratom to take per given period. In short, the question of the right dosage concerning this important herb should never leave your brain. That is because any over dose or under dose can lead to undesired results that may even cause more health issues than the ones you may already have.

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As a new user, you should know the right way to take Kratom for you to begin a daily routine on the herb. So, the particulars should matter the most. On the other hand, the experienced user has to know the tolerance level that the body can withstand kratom. Whether you are inexperienced or a pro with Kratom, one thing is inevitable, you need to know the truth behind Kratom dosage.


To begin with, anything in this world that is short of quality should never count in your budget. So, your supplier should reach the right standards or else you might find yourself accepting substandard medication. That insinuates that as a new Kratom user, you need to do a lot of research on the manufactures as well as suppliers. The reason why you need to stress on both the producer and the supplier is that some unscrupulous suppliers may decide to corrupt the Kratom products by adding other impurities to make more profits. On the other hand, the manufacturer may manufacture an impure product while the supplier remains honest.

Secondly, to establish the right dosage, you need to come up with a formula that ensures you take the dosage in the right proportion each time. To make sure that you stay at the desired dosage without your system developing tolerance for new strains, it is prudent to rotate your strains uniformly. That is the reason why every Kratom newbie should take the advice of purchasing 4-7 one ounce bags whereby each bag contains varied strains as well as Kratom color. If you are a pro, the one thing that should never leave your mind is tolerance. You should take keen interest in the right strains that your system tolerates and stick to that like glue.

If you opt to take the herb in powdery form, here are examples of packaging:

  • 1 oz. bag of Red Bali
  • 1 oz. bag of Green Malay
  • 1 oz. bag of Yellow Vietnam
  • 1 oz of White Bali
  • 1 oz bag of White Premium Green

You can start off with any of the above and mix it to your taste. In addition, getting the desired enjoyment is up to you. Only that you need to develop a constant strain that suits you need and make it constant. You can rotate the dosage daily but if you find it hard to do so, you can alternate the dosage according to how your system responds. You only need to observe consistency.

In other cases, it is wise for everyone to have their own prescription since Kratom responds differently to different individuals. So, the question of how many grams remains a puzzle that can only get a solution from one person to another. This variance points out that each person has to take a unique direction. However, certain purposes of taking Kratom have a universal dosage. This also depends on the stain and the form in which the Kratom product come.

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You can achieve different results by taking a certain amount of grams. For example: if you seek to energize yourself, 3-6 gram in a day would suffice in general terms. However, it may vary from person to person. You can mix the Kratom powder with your favorite soft drink and enjoy the outcome. In anxiety and pain cases, 7-9 grams serves you right. Although higher dosage gives quick relief, it is always wise to start with smaller doses before taking larger amounts since high dosage gives a sleepy result.

On the other hand, in case you don’t have an electro-scale, you can use a spoon to measure Kratom dosage. If you measure a full level teaspoon, that amounts to about 4.5 grams. The method however makes the measurement differ from one product to another due to the texture of the powder. So, you ought to carefully observe the texture to determine the desired grams.


In the cases of treating opiate withdrawal syndromes, the following dosage would work for you. At a beginner level, 7-9 grams of powder is reasonable when taken 2-4 times daily for about three days. On the fourth day, you can minimize the dosage to 5-7 grams. Continue the dose reduction on the fifth day to 3-5 grams for the day by taking as the usual 2-4 times. The sixth day should see you taking 2 grams twice in a day. From there, you can stop taking the dosage depending on how you feel.

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If you are a starter, you need to go slow on the amount you take. For example, if you need to boost you mood and energy, take one teaspoonful of kratom powder. If you need better results, you can take 1 ½ teaspoon daily. However, you can bank on 9 grams of kratom per day for viable results. Anything exceeding that can turn out as detrimental. If you find measuring the powder so demanding, you can try out capsules that have calibrations already.

A lot of capsules measure 500-666 mg powder. There are also other larger capsules that capacitate 1000 mg of powder. Due to this variation in measurement, it is prudent to clarify the type of capsules you by from your vender. Only then, you can make an informed decision on the quantity you take. At other times, you find that it requires you to take around 12 capsules daily. At such times, it is wise to go for extracts.

High Kratom doses have can cause health complications. If you take the herb’s medication, whether in powder or extract form, make sure you take the right doses to avoid potential side effects that adversely affect your health.